How to use your MACRO LENS like a PRO

Ready to uncover the secrets to macro food photography? We'll show you everything you need to know about your macro lens, from camera angle to aperture and much more!

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In this 30 min free training you'll learn...

Why Macro Lenses?

What makes a Macro Lens Different and why it's important

Plane of Focus

Why you the secret to macro photography is about the plane of focus

Macro Photo Examples

Macro photo examples, camera settings and tips

This free workshop is for you if you're:

  • Tired of not getting sharp, in-focus macro shots
  • Unsure what settings and aperture to use
  • Confused by macro jargon like '1:1'
  • And if you're ready take macro shots like a pro!

Meet your hosts

Rachel Korinek

I’m an Aussie food photographer living in Vancouver. I love capturing visual stories that emphasize the beauty of real food. 

Professional food photographer, living in Vancouver. You can find me at @twolovesstudio on Instagram.

Lauren Caris

British food photographer living in Zurich, Switzerland. Finding my way around German and ex-pat life. I love the way I can capture details on food, allowing me to take a different perspective.

You can find me at @lauren.caris on Instagram.

Discover how to use your Macro Lens like a PRO!

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