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Photoshop can be as simple as 1,2,3......

By tweaking the way you edit, Photoshop becomes easy.
Say goodbye to fake photoshop jobs! Plus, I'll share the must-have techniques and show you how to change the colour of anything easily in minutes.

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What You're Going To Learn in This Training...

The 5 mistakes you're making when editing food in Photoshop

Must-have techniques for retouching food photography

Change the colour of ingredients in under 2 minutes!

Meet the host

Rachel Korinek

I’m an Aussie food photographer living in Vancouver. I love capturing visual stories that emphasize the beauty of real food. 

I've taught over 1,000 students how to create beautiful food photography that makes their community and clients hungry! Many students have gone onto land new clients and magazine features, plus get their work into stock agencies. 

This could be YOU!
Removing blemishes in cocktails, extending backgrounds + fixing lemon meringue pies...

Avoid common Photoshop mistakes for more realistic 'after photos'

Find out what the 5 biggest mistakes are!

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