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From Hideous Yellow to White Perfection

Learn which 3 tools in Lightroom will give your food pics the best white balance. Let's make those wontons look perfectly cooked (And why the eyedropper tool is holding you back!)

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In this 7 min video you'll learn...

The 3 White Balance tools to use in Lightroom.

What White Balance affects (HINT: more than just your whites).

Why you can't just rely on the eye dropper tool.



Go from hideous yellow tint to white perfection!

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Meet the host

Rachel Korinek

I’m an Aussie food photographer living in Vancouver. I love capturing visual stories that emphasize the beauty of real food. 

I've taught over 1,000 students how to create beautiful food photography that makes their community and clients hungry! Many students have gone onto land new clients and magazine features, plus get their work into stock agencies.